What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyBioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the new therapy by which you can counter all kinds of hormonal imbalances in your body. These bio identical hormones are generally used to fight with aging effects and during menopause. These hormones are also called natural hormones due to their similarity with the natural human hormone structure. They look like the natural hormones but they are more effective than them.

What is this hormone?

New Jersey bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses bio identical hormones as a part of the therapy. Hormones are produced by different glands in our body to do different work and to regulate various kinds of works inside our body. They regulate the behaviour and physiology of a body. But if the glands fail to produce the required amount of hormones then there can be a hormonal imbalance which can cause various unwanted results. Some of the common results are menopause problem, insomnia, mental imbalance, fatigue, inhibited growth, decrease or increase in sex drive etc. This is when synthetic hormones came into the scene, but they were also causing different types of side effects due to their structure. So these bio identical hormones were created to cure different problems.

How can you get it?

Well, you can check on the internet that there are many different hospitals which are providing  bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This treatment is readily available if your doctor prescribes you for it. You just have to fix a meeting with your lab worker or your doctor and show them your medical history. If they think that this therapy will be useful to you and there will not be any side effects then you can get it from any hospital of your choice.


Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is generally administered in a trans-dermal manner. It is a different approach than conventional treatment. In this type of treatment, the hormones are directly absorbed by the body. The hormones which are in the shape of small grains of rice are inserted directly under the epidermal skin. This grain, then keeps on meeting the scarcity of the hormone needed. This treatment can relieve any patient for the duration of four to six months. It should always be used thrice in a year and it leaves no marks after the therapy on the skin.

Use of shapes and size:

This process is a complete substitute of compound pills of hormones. Since an adequate dose is only added under the skin so, there is no danger of overdose. As you know if you read the earlier part of this article that they are similar in size and shape with our natural hormones, so they are accepted by your body in a relatively fast way. The metabolism of these hormones is very quick and they produce instant results.

This treatment is available in every part of the United States. Studies are still being conducted on bio-identical hormones. So if you want to use it, then you should do it at your own risk. Till now, according to the present experience and results of different patients who have already used it, no side effects have been seen, so it can be considered as a safe bet. But it is advisable to consult a doctor and take proper medical prescription before taking this treatment.

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