The story behind “Know the Cause”

Doug KaufmannDoug Kaufmann is a famous TV show host of a series known as Know the cause with Doug Kaufmann. During a research on the field of food allergy, he particularly got attracted to fungus due to their ability to pertain diseases. He was in the U.S. Navy as a medical corpsman and was attached to the marine division 7. In 1971, when he was coming back to his home from Vietnam, his body started showing strange symptoms, which he thought is somehow related to food allergies.

In 1980, a research paper was released with a title of “Antigenically Intact Food Macromolecules Exiting the Gut Lumen”. This research paper helped many people to know better about the actual link between the environment of the intestine and food allergies and their dependency. If you have a leaky intestine, which are not a very common type of situation, then your type of food allergy has a capability to change according to your change in diet.

When Doug studied about the reason for the leaking of foods from the intestine, he realised the part of the fungus in infuriating the diseases and the symptoms. You can think of yeast that is present in the beverages with alcohol, medicinal products like antibiotics and food like mushroom are actually all a link to some sort of illness, which was always an unknown mystery for physicians.

Doug as an author
Doug is also an author of 9 books. These books are primarily based on fungus and various reasons of ill health. In these books, you will also find about the diet that Doug has developed, i.e. Phase one, Phase-two, Life-phase. These diet methods are specially designed in such a way that they starve the parasitic fungi’s body to death and provide enough supplements to fulfil the quota of a proper nutrition level in a human body. His books are filled with many such dietary supplements which are antifungal in nature. Theses supplements are safe and nutritious to use and are often prescribed by the physician as medications for fungus.

Media career

During late 1980’s, he started with his media career with a radio show in Dallas. The name local radio station was TX which became syndicated after some years. In 1998, Doug got the chance to appear in television, where he started a new TV show named as “Your Health”, which was later changed to “Know the Cause”. Due the sponsorship of the best health related and nutritional related companies, this show became one of the most widely spreading medical shows.  It became popular in all the major places in America like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia.

The motto of the production team of this show is to find different and exciting ways to educate their viewers about the cause of different diseases which are associated with fungi. They also enlighten in different ways to diagnose and cure those problems with simple dietary methods and nutritional supplement.

The popularity of “Know the Cause” is actually fully dependent upon Doug and his team. They are constantly trying to do their best in their field, and simultaneously, educating their viewers about the different kinds of problems that can simply be relieved by controlling parasites like fungi.

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