The one stop for all your foot problems

podiatryDo you start your morning with pain in the lower limb, which keeps on worsening as the day progresses? This problem is very common among the youth nowadays, due to low calcium content in the food intake. The foot and the ankle region of the body is a very sensitive complex and utmost care should be taken about this part of the body. Composed of a huge number of bones, tendons and ligaments, these joint areas are very prone to problems throughout one’s lifetime. Thus, the foot region should be given immediate medical attention if there is even a slightest sensation of pain. These irreplaceable parts of the body are important for humans as they work for around 128000km in a lifetime.

The one stop solution for all foot ankle problems is Adelaide Podiatry. Being located at a convenient place in Adelaide, i.e. Melbourne Street, North Adelaide and Fullarton Road, Eastwood, Podiatrist Adelaide provide a variety of services, starting from corn and callus treatment to providing high end medical treatment including analysis of gait,  dimensional scanning and surgery of the ingrown nail on the foot.

The North Adelaide and Eastwood clinics work together to provide solutions of all kinds of foot problems for all ages. Some of the common treatments popular among the people are Achilles pain, pain in the knee and shin area, lower back problems common among aged people.

Children flat feet treatment for correcting the foundation of your child’s feet is the most sought for treatment among parents. The flat foot of your child can cause him to trip every time he tries to walk. Thus, setting it right is the topmost priority. This treatment is done with utmost care and can even be provided to a child as young as 2 years. The gait analysis is fully computerized leaving no space for errors. The specialized 3 dimensional scanning devices for detecting orthotic problems provide clear results, which help the podiatrists to diagnose the problem at once. This provides the patients with quick and speedy solutions to their problems.

The podiatrists are experienced professionals, backed by long years of experience of about 10 years. Being the members of the Australian Podiatry Council, they have the knowhow about the latest technology to provide complete foot care. The podiatrists work on the principle of prevention is better than cure and therefore, are committed towards providing services even on Saturdays and other holidays.

The payment options are easy and pocket friendly, with facilities to pay via credit cards and other insurance claims. The private patients who walk into the center for treatment do not require a reference from the doctors. However, if you have the reference of the doctor you get bulk discounts on all your bills with no gap in the Medicare provided to the patient. To avail this offer one has to enroll for the enhanced primary care referral program and must meet the set requirements for qualifying under this referral program.

Thus, if you are facing problems while walking, in any part of the foot ankle region, then you must immediately visit Adelaide Podiatry and consult the professionals present at the center.


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