Getting rid of pain in the heels

heels painsThere are many health issues which people suffer from. One of the major issues is painful heel injury. It not only restricts your free movement, but also causes you pain in your everyday life. Heel Pain Clinics of Adelaide is the only clinic in South Australia that offers treatment in a non-surgical method. Achilles Tendinitis Adelaide program can treat your painful heel injury within no time. They are well known for treating heel injuries for over 14 years. More than 10,000 clients are happy after getting the effective treatment from this clinic.

Latest advancements in technology for successful results and optimal accuracy are offered by this clinic. It is located in two prime locations – Fullerton Road, Eastwood and Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. Once the free assessment gets over, you will become clear about your heel problem and the method by which it must be treated. You need not go through any treatment plan to recover soon. There are some offers for new patients. So, mention that you are a new patient at the time of booking.


  • Rehabilitation Exercise Program

Your leg muscles and foot bear all your body weight for the entire day. So, they are more prone to pain and injury. There are some exercises that can help to alleviate heel pain and fatigue. Strengthening and stretching of leg muscles will help you to work hard for a longer time. Weakness, restlessness, soreness, tightness and cramping are the main issues of heel pain. These heel conditions have to be treated in the early stage to avoid rupture and injury. Other reasons of conducting a rehabilitation exercise program are –

  1. To improve your movements especially in joints.
  2. Your body will be prepared to take stress after warming up your muscles.
  3. Your joints become more flexible and efficient.
  4. Circulation is enhanced by stretching the joints.
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Adelaide

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy is used to treat kidney stones. Chronic musculoskeletal pathologies can also be treated with the help of this therapy. Plantar Fascia and Achilles tendon can also be effectively treated by it. The private health insurance covers all the expenses of this treatment. It is a non-surgical treating method with more than 75% success rate. 3-6 treatment sessions are required to provide you with better treatment. It has no side effect and takes very little time to recover.

  • Computerized Gait Analysis Adelaide

A 64 Point Computerized Gait Analysis is performed by Heel Pain Clinics. They analyze your pattern by using equipments and art gait assessment software. Dynamic information about your gait pattern is provided by these equipments. Accurate and comprehensive information about the gait cycle is obtained by using gait analysis software. They try to get the underlying reasons of your heel pain. A systematic running assessment will provide you with information about the correct technique of improving the efficiency of running and walking. Your heel pain can be eliminated through this treatment.

Thus, contact Heel Pain Clinics of Adelaide today to make your life pain free and to get recovery from any kind of heel pain.

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