Get rid of that acne scar on your skin

Acne scar treatmentAcne Vulgaris, commonly known as Acne, is an inflammatory disorder that is seen in sebaceous follicles. This disorder is commonly seen in teenagers, which on the other hand can carry on into adulthood. Sometimes, it can even begin at maturity. Acne usually occurs in areas where there is maximum density of sebaceous follicles, which includes neck, face, back, shoulders and the chest region. Acne can sometimes be present in the form of pustules, papules, nodules/cysts, and comedones, which can turn onto scarring if proper care is not taken.

There are various acne scar treatment available these days. The laser and light based treatment is developing the possibility of this scar treatment very well. These types of laser treatments propose successful acne therapy and also help in eradicating the requirement for drugs.

There are quite a lot of reasons for the growth of acne lesions:

  • Overactive sebaceous glands:

Sebum is a type of oil created by sebaceous gland. This oil is accountable for the grease like skin surface. Usually, androgenic hormones stimulate the sebum flow, and when there is excess flow of sebum it obstructs the sebaceous duct. This is why acne flare-ups to occur in puberty and menstruation.

  • Hyperkeratosis:

In this case, the rate of reproduction of skin cells is more than the rate of shedding of skin cells which creates a buildup of keratin layer (the layer of dead skin cells). This layer of dead skin cells along with the heavy flow of sebum blocks the follicles, creating a plug.

  • Proliferation of Propionibacteria acnes:

P. acnes can be found on any types of skin, although with acne-prone skin, there are chances of increased production of bacteria. With the trapped follicle and dead skin cells an anaerobic environment is created on which

p. acnes bacteria flourish. These p. acnes bacteria produce a fatty acid layer by digesting the sebum, which causes irritation and inflammation.

As mentioned earlier, there are various therapies available to treat the acne skin. Few of them are mentioned below:

Ø  Gemini Laser Treatments:

There are lot treatment choices available to control, as well as improve the formation of acne scarring. To control the acne breakouts, you can take a course of the laser rejuvenation treatments. In this process the P. acnes bacteria are killed with the help of laser light and sebum flow is controlled. Laser treatments sometimes help to improve the after effects of acne, by reducing the swelling and redness.

Ø  Chemical Peels:

Various chemical peels are available for acne breakouts treatment and also congestion. Here, detoxicating peels and a dermally active vitamin A peel is used to treat acne and clogging by adapting exfoliation. This helps in removing the cellular waste and also controls the sebum flow. Whereas, the resurfacing peel and the TCA cross peel are helpful in treating acne scarring. This is done by making the texture of the skin softer which helps improving the look of atrophic scarring.

Other than these there are various home remedies also available to treat acne scar. To know more about these treatment methods just logon to

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